39 – Kaufman Kids Hijack the Podcast!


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Christmas is about spending time with the family, so the gang decided to hijack Ken’s podcast! In this short but adorable episode, the kids introduce themselves and talk about “their age of money.” These budget savvy kids share their ambitions for Legos, books and smoothies. Uncut for the sake of cuteness. Trust me, this is one you don’t wanna miss.

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Ashley: Happy day to you, and this is episode 39 of our podcast. And this episode is called Kaufman Kids Hijack the Podcast. As this title suggests, Ken Kaufman’s children decided to come and teach you what we know about budgeting. I’m Ashley Kaufman, I’m 15 years old, and my age of money is 186 days. But more on that later. Now, Emily, our dad’s been teaching us a lot about budgeting over these past couple years. I just wanted to ask you, what do you think about this?

Emily: Okay. As she said, my name’s Emily. I’m 14 and my age of money is 134 days. I think budgeting really helps me to figure out where I want to put my money and what I want to do with it, and it helps me prepare for things coming up so that I can put my money where I want to so that I can have the money that I want to use it at different activities.

Ashley: Thank you, Emily. Now, Hailey, I want you to tell us your name. I guess I just said it. Your name and your age, and your age of money, and describe to us what you’re saving your money for.

Hailey: My name is Hailey Kaufman, I am 6 years old, and my age of money is 116, and I have been saving my money for things that I want.

Child: You guys, here’s a music box if you want to dance to it.

Ken: Okay. Thanks, buddy. Go, go, go.

Hailey: And I’ve been saving my money a lot for things that I want.

Ken: Like what?

Hailey: Like Lego sets and toys.

Ashley: Thank you, Hailey. I think you just expressed what our main motive for budgeting is. Now we’re gonna go to Hyrum, and babes [SP], again I want you to describe what you’re saving your money for.

Ken: Say your age.

Hyrum: I am Hyrum Kaufman and I’m 12 years old, and my age of money is 267 days. And it is that high because your age of money is your oldest money in your account and your budget. So I don’t spend money on just all the things, but I spend money on the things that really matter. Like, there’s this conference that we go to every February. It’s called RootsTech, and at RootsTech there is this really really good smoothie stand, and I have been saving up. Even now I’m starting to save up for the smoothies. And they are so good.

Ashley: Thanks babes for telling us your true feelings. Now, Gracie, we’re gonna go to you. I’d like you to tell us your experience with budgeting and what your goals are.

Gracie: Hello. I am Gracie Kaufman, and I am 10, and my age of money is 201. I don’t know why it’s that high.

Ashley: Now, tell us about your goals for budgeting.

Gracie: My goals for budgeting is I wanna get a Lego set, and I wanna get some books.

Ashley: Thank you, Gracie. Now, I’m gonna take a minute and talk. One thing that I really like about budgeting is that it helps me not feel worried about the future. I know that when I grow up I’m not gonna have to worry about financially…that I’m gonna be okay even if things are tight, I know how to handle it. Another thing is I really enjoy learning about these kinds of things, and it helps me prepare for events like Christmas, and saving up for that and preparing for that. So thanks for listening. This has been a great episode. Happy day.

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