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Back by popular demand, The Kaufman Kids share with you their decision to invest in the Stock Market. Find out why in 2020 you should invest as well. Two of Ken’s youngest are getting Roth IRAs in 2020, listen in to hear what they’ve invested in. This podcast episode is merely the personal experiences and opinions of children and not a guarantee. These minors are not liable for any financial decisions you make as a result of this podcast. It is advised that you consult a certified financial adviser and be aware of the risk involved before entering the Stock Market. Besides, who would sue children?

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Ashley: Happy day to you and this is episode 40 of the Net Worth Hacks podcast. We are back. This is Ashley Kaufman and the rest of the Kaufman kids, and we just loved podcasting so much that we decided to come back and share with you our New Year’s resolutions and goals for finance. Now, something that I’ve been really excited about learning about is investing in the stock market. I’m invested in the stock market. I have a Roth IRA account, and I am super excited about it. Now, I am invested passively, which is way different than being invested actively. Active investment is where you sit and watch the polls and bite your fingernails, and have a lot of extra stress in your life. Now for me, I don’t know about you, but right now high school’s hard and I don’t need extra stress. And I’m sure adulting is really hard too. So what we need is not that extra stress. We just need the assurance of a happy future, and we need the assurance of a happy retirement. At least that’s what I want. And so that’s something that I’m gonna continue to do, and that I’m really enjoying. Now, Emily, I understand that you are also invested in the stock market. What do you think about this whole thing?

Emily: Yeah, I am. I think…yeah I have a Roth IRA account too, and I’ve enjoyed learning about investing and how you want to have diversification, and you want to invest in lots of different things. And as you invest you can…your money can grow so that you can have more money, I guess, in the future, and you can have…you don’t… Yeah. Anyway.

Ashley: Thanks Em. Thank you so much. Now, Gracie, I understand you have some news about your investing and your financial goals in the new year.

Gracie: So I’m not actually in the stock market yet, but I’m looking forward to January 1st, which is when me and my brother Hyrum get to do it. We get to invest.

Ashley: And so, what are you going to invest in?

Gracie: I’m going to invest in all of them. But mostly in small-cap value, because I like that one the best.

Ashley: Why is that one, hon?

Gracie: Just because I do. And it’s the smallest one. And it gives you the best return on the paper sheet thingy mabobbers.

Ashley: You’re right. You’re right. On the spreadsheet dad showed us. That’s right, because small-cap value, it’s the most volatile, so you only wanna do it…

Gracie: And risky.

Ashley: Yeah. It’s the most risky, so you only do it when you’re young, relatively young, but then you gradually…

Gracie: Like me.

Ashley: Yeah, exactly, like you. And then as you grow older you slowly transfer into large-cap value, large-cap growth, and into bonds. Now, babes [SP], I mean Hyrum, can you tell us how you feel about all of this?

Hyrum: Yeah, so as Gracie said, I will be getting a Roth IRA and investing in January 1st, 2020 and I am really excited for it, and yeah.

Ashley: Oh yes. Thank you so much. Gracie?

Gracie: So I’m investing January 1st, and Hyrum is, and you should too. Because you better get in now, because you’re a lot older than I am, so yeah.

Ashley: So get on that. It’ll be one of the best decisions you ever make, if you do it…

Gracie: In your life.

Ashley: Yeah. But not actively. You have to do it passively.

Gracie: Passively.

Ashley: Thank you. This has been a wonderful episode with you guys. Happy day.

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