90 – Twelve Ways to Supercharge Your Retirement

Ken provides 12 tangible action items to help boost your retirement portfolio. No crazy gimmicks or portfolio flips, just 12 tried and true concepts. Ken pulls these items from Paul Merriman and Richard Buck’s book “We’re Talking Millions.” Some concepts you’ve heard of in past episodes, others will be enlightening. Listen in to this episode to get a brief overview of this book, as well as Ken’s point of view regarding the first few items.

89 – Year End Financial Planning Checklist

We’ve reached the final month of a long and difficult year. It’s time to take stock of your situation, do a little financial housekeeping and set yourself up for success in 2021. Ken walks you through a step by step checklist of how to do just that. Review your 2020 goals, how did you do? Review your balances and outline how you want to tackle them in the coming year. Coordinate with your tax accountant to leverage tax benefits. Listen in to get the full comprehensive to do list.

88 – HSA Hacks

Ken expands upon the concepts he introduced in episode 85 – leveraging a high-deductible health plan with a Health Savings Account. Dollar contributions to HSA accounts are totally tax free, both deposited and withdrawn. The only stipulation is that the funds are reserved for medical expenses. This will be one of the most tax savvy tools in your toolbox during retirement. Ken walks you through this hack (paying out of pocket, leveraging receipts) and explains where people get tripped up.

87 – Grounded in Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving! This is a time of reflection and gratitude. Ken takes the time to reflect on his own standing; grateful for his blessings and accomplishments throughout his journey. Ken reflects on his business, education, spirituality and family. Growing net worth is so much more then your balance sheet. It’s about the choices we make, the time we spend and the person we become in the process.

85 – Open Enrollment Health Insurance Hacks

It’s November meaning most employers are exposing their employees to open enrollment plans. Ken offers up some ideas, concepts and even hacks regarding your health care plan. Across the country, we’re seeing a 4-5% increase in costs. Ken offers up two different plans for you to consider: A Traditional Insurance Plan or a High Deductible Health Plan. Ken outlines the considerations and differences between these two plans. Plus, Ken explains how a high deducible might actually be a hack.

84 – How to Setup a Rollover IRA

The Rollover IRA is a popular tool that people use when changing their employers. Your 401k at an employer is under their plan. Rollover IRAs allow you to roll money over from that account in to your own, enabling you more control over your funds. Ken breaks down the rollover action, providing you a step by step process of what to expect. Ken also offers up some do’s and don’ts of fund management – such as avoiding taxable events.

83 – How to Setup a 401k

Moving on the next tool in your Net Worth arsenal, a 401k is an employer sponsored retirement plan. 401ks allow employers to make tax deductible contributions to an employee’s savings account. Ken discusses key attributes of this type of account including a contribution “match” and “vesting schedules.” Ken explains how to utilize these features to the fullest – as well as 401k limitations. Finally, he teaches you how to set one up.

82 – Roth vs Traditional IRA

Ken continues his discussion of IRAs, this week the difference between a Roth and Traditional IRA. As discussed, both accounts are tax deferred. However, with Traditional IRAs, the money you put in can be tax deducted immediately. On the flip side, the money put in a Roth is taxed that year, but the withdrawal at retirement is tax-free. Based off of this information, Ken encourages you to understand what tax bracket you fall in – that will help you determine which one better suits your situation.

81 – How to Setup an IRA

Ken shifts focus to a tangible action that you can use to grow your Net Worth, by utilizing an Individual Retirement Account. IRAs are tax deferred, meaning as it gains value over time (due to investment) you don’t have to pay taxes on that gain. Ken outlines the features of an IRA and how to utilize it. Most people are excited to set up an IRA but tend to drop the IRA process when they reach the investment phase. Ken talks you through this process in hopes to avoid the feeling of uncertainty.

80 – Reset

Ken has undergone tons of changes these past few months. From a pandemic to braces to a new house (ep. 73), Ken has taken the opportunity to reassess his own financial outlook. He revisits his new recurring expenses, automated payments, changes in cashflow. He then applies these new factors to his financial plans – which has been a bit neglected during COVID. All this to get back to truth and back on track, because life can be messier then a spreadsheet.