3 – Iterate Mindset and Process

On this week’s episode, Ken dives into the I in IMPACT. I is for Iterate Mindset and Process. Ken shares a story from his college days where he learns the value of iterating from a tough-but-fair entrepreneur professor who tore intro his business plans weekly. Ken shares how he learned the value of finding that balance between being hungry for progress and content with your steady growth. Always strive to improve but don’t beat yourself up. Another mindset that is critical to avoid is paralysis by analysis. Once you’ve iterated your mind it’s time to iterate your process. Ken dives into all of this and more on this week’s episode. Every journey starts with a first step, or in this case the first letter!

2 – IMPACT Your Net Worth

On this week’s episode of Net Worth Hacks, Ken Kaufman recounts his journey into the world of finance and net worth. Then Ken introduces you to the 6 key principles that act as the guidepost to achieving net worth success. Learn about these six principles using the acronym IMPACT: Iterate, Maximize, Prioritize, Align, Cultivate, Terminate.

1 – Net Worth Thesis

It’s the premiere episode of Net Worth Hacks! Join Ken Kaufman as he provides valuable insight regarding your net worth and why you should be tracking it. Likening your income to a precious resource, Ken discusses the draining factors that are diminishing your net worth.